Thursday, September 28, 2023

Are Natural Lightning Products Really Effective? Find Out On Style 101

In a world where beauty standard dominates and clouds our idea of what beauty is, the idea of the ideal skin tone and the consequences of not being one of the so called beautiful ones, it is no wonder that both women and men in the world especially countries like Africa, Asian, and Japan have adopted the art of skin lightening just to feel genuinely beautiful and among.

We live in a continent where bleaching products can be bought for as cheap as a dollar, products that promise to give you a flawless and radiant skin in as short as five days. But most of these naive consumers end up with severely damaged skin, some of whom are left with permanently destroyed skin.

skin bleaching in africa

But thanks to the internet, people are now becoming more “woke”. They now know products and ingredients to avoid when going on the skin lightening journey. Most of them even opt for natural products that promise the same results. But can natural lightning products like tomato, turmeric, lime/lemon, honey, yogurt, glycerine and the likes leave these people with the “half cast” skin color they desire?

Find out what our host Idia Aisien, naturals expert Ifeyinwa Ojekwe, fashion blogger Olugu Flavor and Beauty entrprenure Delphine Okoronkwo, have to say about skin bleaching and those who are opting for natural methods to bleach their skin, on an all new episode of Style 101.


Showing on Dstv channel 190 and gotv channel 28.

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