Sunday, October 1, 2023

Artsi Ifrach in Addis Ababa

When Moroccan/Israeli designer Artsi Ifrach (Art/c) travelled to Addis Ababa for Ethiopian Fashion Week to celebrate twenty years of African trade, he collaborated with photographer Laila Hida to produce a rich collection of images capturing true African beauty in Addis Ababa- a wondrous city of eclectic beauty, rich culture and a burgeoning fashion industry. The images show Ifrach’s resourceful use of a tailored mix of fabrics, prints with embroidery, kaftan buttons, shimmering colours and embellishments, whilst the styling keeps close to Ethiopian traditions.

When you have a dream, there are no boundaries, you have to do everything to achieve it.

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Watch an interview with Arti Ifrach here:

Photography Credit: Laila Hida

Read More at NJAL

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