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Ashley Madekwe Talks Prints, Style & Fashion Faux Pas with Yahoo

Brit-born, Nigerian-Swiss and LA-based beauty, Ashley Madekwe has been talking to Yahoo Style, dishing on her wardrobe and weather appropriate style.

The Salem actress, who also boasts a strong following via her blog Ring My Bell, explains of her current fashion love;

“It sounds weird, but I’m really into suede. It’s popping up everywhere, and it doesn’t feel like the most spring trendy fabric, but I’m so into it.

I want one of those suede A-line skirts that buttons up the front, which is a complete throwback because I had one when I was a kid. I wish I kept it.”


Though loyal to her home city of London, the talent reveals we’ll usually catch her around Los Angeles, wearing;

“…The same pair of cut-off shorts and tee shirt everyday, because it gets unbearable in LA.

I’m not someone who walks around in flip-flops and a bikini top, like a lot of people do in LA.


I like summer dresses, like white cotton, simple gladiator sandals and things like that.

…I want to buy some Ancient Greek Sandals in tan leather. They are so simple and chic for summer.”


Also a star in ABC‘s drama, Revenge (though the series coming to an end this year), Ms Madekwe weighs in on her stance on prints vs solids, saying;

“I’m more drawn towards solids. The only prints I really have are Breton stripe and leopard. I treat leopard like a neutral, I don’t know what that says about me.

I’m not drawn towards busy prints [and] it’s hard to get me into anything floral. I’m just not a natural girly girl.”

When it comes to fashion faux pas though, the stunner says;

“I don’t know if I have regrets, because at the time, what I was wearing I loved. But in the ‘90s, when Moschino was having a moment, I was so into all the printed stuff they were doing.

And I saved up my money from my job and I bought a pair of Moschino jeans called Computer Print – they had hearts and apple macs all over them.


…I would wear them with a black crop top. Do you remember when Notorious BIG and Little Kim were wearing all those sunglasses with the Versace sign on the side? I bought a fake pair of those!”

Though we at SPICE aren’t sure on the faux Versace shades, which probably look like the pair Rihanna wore for her iHeartradio Awards performance (see them here), we are fully into everything else the stylish star keeps in her closet.

But tell us what you think of Ashley Madekwe’s sense of style in the comments box or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @SPICETVAFRICA.

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