Monday, December 4, 2023

Asos Launches Same Day Delivery

Online shopping is one of the most convenient methods of shopping, but a lot of persons detest this mode due to how long it takes to finally get their items.

In recent times, brands are on the peak of their market research to find out better ways of getting items delivered to consumers on time and conveniently.

 Asos launches same day delivery

Asos has found a way to make fashion lovers dream come through by launching a same day delivery but unfortunately this is only applicable in London’s 122 postcodes and it costs £12.95. This announcement was made on Wednesday by the company’s press release

 Asos launches same day delivery

This same day delivery is available from Sunday to Friday and all others must be made before 10am of that day and also ordered before midnight on Mondays to Fridays and before 8pm at weekends.

 Asos launches same day delivery

The best part is, your parcel gets delivered to you between 6pm and 10pm. For all the times you missed out on brunch and dinner parties because you had no outfit to suit the occasion, Asos is saying to you, WE GOT YOU!!

 Asos launches same day delivery

What effect does this move have on other fast fashion retailers is a mystery yet to unfold.




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