Monday, October 2, 2023

Balanciaga New Paparazi Campaign Is The Next Big Thing In Fashion

Fashion campaigns are a major deal in the fashion industry, they can make and mar your new collection even before it is officially released. A fashion campaign that is rightly thought out and wrongly executed can do more harm than good. Enough of the boring notes, fashion is evolving and fashion houses are definitely evolving alongside with it, paparazzi is the next big thing in fashion at the moment.

Who would have thought that right after Kanye West put his new Yezzy sixth season collection on his wife Kim and put her out in front of paparazo’s to be photographed, Balanciaga would pick up the trend so quickly.

Balanciaga definitely jumped on this trend, and it clearly worked for them in the debut of its SS18 campaign. The french luxury fashion house put out models in high stilettos concealing their faces with big handbags with Balanciaga boldly inscribed on it, charm bracelets, tilted face to show the statement earrings worn and a trophy body guard all in the bit to showcase their new collection which is available on pre-order at the moment.

Not only were these models showing disdain for the camera’s but they had the “No pictures” look on their face. The fun fact is, Balanciaga kept putting out these photos on their Instagram feed one hour apart, it was so articulately thought out with the intention that  everyone would keep refreshing their page to see more exclusive pictures, that strategy was right in check. It gave us a real paparazi feel.

One of our favorite looks is the new paper shirt and pants.  Although the paparazi campaign concept has been done in time past by magazines like Vogue Italia in January 2005, Balanciaga and Yeezy should be rewarded for bringing it back to the limelight. Should we expect more of this from fashion brands?






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