Friday, June 9, 2023

Balmain Announces New Childrenswear Line

Just as we predicted at the end of last year, Balmain have announced the launch of a new childrenswear line, with the #BalmainArmy expanding to welcome kids.

Surprising us a little less than he did with this ‘super’ campaign, and sharing a pictures to his Instsagram page, the label’s creative director Olivier Rousteing said;

“WELCOME TO MY NEW BALMAIN KIDS #thisisthefuture#balmainkids #FashionisFun #miniBalmains #balmainlove



What’s especially prominent about the campaign is its diversity, with models of colour – natural hair and dreadlocks included – also seen starring as faces of the range; a move that’s much needed within the fashion industry, but not surprising considering that asides being a man of colour, Mr Rousteing is very passionate about promoting diversity and considers it central to his vision.



Speaking to CNN late last year, to speak on the designer said;

“Diversity has always been in my mind but I didn’t know when I was young that I could talk about it, that it could be a topic that could be my strength. Whatever I do… Diversity is something that’s always been part of my mind but it’s something that I assume more and more as an adult.

The aesthetic of my clothes is really important, but the aesthetic of the world, of the vision that I have – this diversity that I want push – is way more stronger than my [collections].”

Kim Kardashian stars in Balmain's Spring/Summer'15 menswear ads, with husband Kanye West
Kim and Kanye West in Balmain’s Spring/Summer’15 menswear campaign

Under Rousteing’s wing, Balmain remains one of the few luxury houses that consistently represents a diverse range of ethnicities, both on its catwalks and in its campaigns. Recent examples include the sibling-focused campaign of Autumn/Winter’15, which included Joan and Erika Smalls, plus Armando and Fernando Cabral. And then there was the infamous Spring/Sumer’15 menswear campaign fronted by husband and wife mega duo, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

And of Kimye (whom Rousteing has said “represents a new family”) and our predictions following the birth of Saint? Well, if you head here you’ll see that Team SPICE is half way to being dubbed psychic, with us having guessed that North and Saint would soon star together as the faces of a baby Balmain campaign – something we believe we’ll be seeing very soon.


For now, what’s certain is that the 55-piece childrenswear line is due to drop in June, and while we’ll be coo-ing over the cuteness that is the Balmain kidswear campaign and looking out for which star babies will be first to wear it, Olivier Rousteing and Balmain will continue to make strides in promoting diversity with their vision of the future.

Image source: @Balmainparis, @Olivier_rousteign

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