Monday, June 5, 2023

Balmain Is Teaming Up With L’Oréal For a Luxe Lipstick Collection

This is the age of all things new,  it seems all the brands kept the goodies for this summer. If you know Balmain, then you definitely know what luxury looks like. In May earlier this year, the french fashion house spearheaded by designer Oliver Rousteing decided to create a line of lipsticks that would be released in September. All makeup artists, beauty bloggers and everyone were o excited, not only would you have a luxury brands lipstick but you would also have the lipstick encased in wearable accessory(how cool is that).

Rousteing told Business of Fashion about his reasons for signing a contract with the cosmetic giant, “I’m really close to luxury but at the same time I’m also close to pop culture and I think a lot of people who may love the Balmain universe can’t afford the clothes.

The collaboration with L’Oreal Paris opens up luxury in a different way. For (consumers) to get a piece of Balmain (make-up) is a way for them to get into the Balmain universe. Make-up has always been part of my aesthetic and my silhouette. Having the opportunity to do that with an institution like L’Oreal Paris for me is an incredible dream.”

This can only be a match made in heaven, the fashion house and L’oreal finally came up with a name for their collaboration  is Chicly titled Balmain x L’Oréal. This Products are in three different #tribes, the lipsticks run the gamut from deep purple to olive green to classic nudes and red. First up is the #CoutureTribe, which features bold red DOMINION, deep purple LIBERATION, coral CONFESSION, and rose gold CONFIDENCE

The Second Glam Lipcolor is the #GlamazoneTribe, with burnt orange FEVER, brown shade GLAMAZONE, beige URBAN SAFARI, and khaki?-ish BALMAIN INSTINCT:

And lastly there’s #RockTribe, with dark brown POWER, grey-brown LEGEND, dark blue REBELLION, and dark purple FREEDOM:

The bad news is, these luxury lipsticks are not available at the moment and both brands has not released a set date yet but here is the good news! there’s an end insight, which is September. Ladies get your lips ready, you are about to be blown away.

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