Monday, May 29, 2023

“Be The Change You Want To See In the World” – Mahatma Gandhi

Most times we find ourselves craving for the best things life can offer, we aspire to see a better community, better government, better work environment, well behaved children, the list is endless. The real fact is have you stopped to ponder on some of the reasons why things would always remain the same, have you asked your self why your environment is dirty,  have you asked yourself why your co-worker acts nonchalantly towards work.

It might just be associated with you, don’t get us wrong we mean everyone has their cross to bear, but what if you tried your best to be what you are looking for in a country, like not be a corrupt citizen, obey traffic laws, what if you resumed work early enough, what if you participated in the weekly or monthly environmental cleaning, what if you washed the dishes after eating, maybe your kids won’t have the attitude of littering the dishes after eating. We could go on on on about this but the truth is change really starts with you. When you start acting maybe just maybe the person beside you would see a need to change.






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