Sunday, October 1, 2023

Beauty And Business On ‘You’ve Got Issues’!

Most of use love to buy a lot of beauty products, maybe because they are in vogue, we need them or because we are hoarders. But did you know that your make up products came with expiry dates? Find out how to tell the expiry date on cosmetics, the damages expired products can cause and what to do if your products are about to expire.

All new episode of YGI is out!

Increase your knowledge on the business of beauty vlogging, the monetary gains and how to increase your following. Also find out how to mix, match and select the perfect lipstick color for women of color.

Catch up with Makeup artiste and beauty influencer, Tina Gilbert and Beauty Vlogger Sandra Eleyefa, as they join Idia Aisien on this beauty episode of YGI.

Tune in to DSTV channel 190 and GoTV channel 28 for new episodes every Saturday 7:00pm at and Monday 10:30 pm, Friday 3:00 pm.

Don’t forget to send in your beauty, relationship, health, fitness and general lifestyle questions to

Watch the playlist of old episodes of the show below:

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