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#BeautySpot: Uzo Aduba at Emily’s List 30th Anniversary Gala

Actress Uzo Aduba, famous for her role as Crazy Eyes in the hit TV series Orange Is the New Black, pulled a sleek look on the red carpet at Emily’s List 30th Anniversary Gala, held in Washington DC in the US on Tuesday, March 3rd, becoming our Beauty Spot of the Week.

The star, who was certainly in great company, being seen selfie-ing with Michelle Obama even, stunned in a form-fitting L.K.Bennett dress, but she further stopped we at SPICE in our tracks with a combination of trending beauty looks that have been spied on the runways for 2015: baby soft nail polish, air-dried texture waves to the hair, full brows (see our how-to, here) and dark, sizzling red lips.

EMILY's List 30th Anniversary Gala
Bold and beautiful at the event, Uzo Aduba could not resist introducing herself to one of the other speakers of the night – former US Secretary of state, Hillary Clinton.

Seeing as our theme for the month here at SPICE is ‘Light and Shade’ we could not help but obsess over the smoldering shade of red that made Aduba’s plump lips pop – the dark, oxblood shade that are sure to steal the show at any event they’re heading to.

Actress Uzo Aduba stunning at the 30th Anniversary event for Emily’s List in a form-fitting L.K.Bennett dress and a sultry shade of dark red on her lips

Steal Uzo’s Look

Want to steal Ms Aduba’s red carpet beauty look? Well, do so and you’ll be on-trend, because while some of Spring/Summer 2015’s runways had models in barely-there makeup (seen the trend, here?), other runways had models in striking hues of red, including the classic pillar box shade and a vampy dark red topping the list.

No doubt, it’s truly hard to discover the best dark red for one’s complexion, considering the myriad of shades on offer, but with actress Uzo’s success on the red carpet at the 30th Anniversary event for Emily’s List, there is real reason to try and seek one out, as you too can stall the limelight at your own event with the right red and the proper guidance for applying it. See below for our tips;

"1930's Noir Grande" lipstick by Be Asame
“1930’s Noir Grande” lipstick by Be Asame

1. First, select the red lipstick. Most people are able to wear a ‘cool’ red, however, it is important to try different shades to find the one that really suits you best. We can suggest our current favourite, “1930’s Noir Grande” by Besame Cosmetics ($22, here), though you can always head to Mac for a full roster of reds to try, like the infamous “All Out Gorgeous.”

2. Clean and dry your lips in preparation, and then slightly moisturise them by adding a little balm. Before proceeding with your lip colour though, wait for the balm to be absorbed.

3. Add a lip liner. Red lipstick tends to bleed, so fill in lips with a liner first which will keep the colour from straying outside of your lips’ edge. Carefully line your lips in a matching red shade, avoiding trembling though if you do make a mistake, don’t swipe it off with your finger – instead, use a Q-tip (cotton bud) with a drop of make-up remover for clean removal.

If you’re trying to make the lips look plumper, you can line them slightly outside your lips’ edge, but don’t stray further than a sliver outside the natural pout as it’ll become obvious you’ve just coloured outside the lines.

5. Apply your lipstick then blot by ‘kissing’ a sheet a tissue. Next, reapply your colour in a dabbing motion onto the lips to build the depth, then finish by putting a finger in your mouth and removing it, which will also remove the excess lipstick from around the inside of your lips and getting lipstick on your teeth!

And that’s it – you’ve stolen Uzo’s lip look! But which red will you be trying the look with? Would you trade your signature shade for a sultry oxblood red? Tell us everything! Tag us @SPICETVAFRICA on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, or leave a comment below in the comments box.

Image source: Usmagazine.com, Dailybitsofbeauty.com

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