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Beauty Talk with Cover Girl Nana Afua Antwi, Including ‘Oh No I Didn’t’ Moments at LFW

British-Ghanian model, Nana Afua Antwi is a two-time BEFFTA Award winning cover girl, based in London. And, you only need to glimpse her Instagram page to see she’s also a lot of fun…

Taking out time to chat with SPICE (and share her top 10 beauty buys, which you can see, here), Nana talks skin bleaching, beauty fantasies and ‘oh no I didn’t’ moments at London Fashion Week…


SPICE: What does beauty mean to you?

Nana: Beauty in my opinion is natural. It’s not fussy and it comes effortlessly. Physically, it’s an attraction both inside and out, and how it well it is portrayed.

What is your day-to-day beauty routine?

My day to day beauty routine is properly cleansing and moisturising my face, day in and day out. I love using my natural products as well as Vaseline on lips, cocoa butter for body and Nivea facial cream for the face. Great skin doesn’t crack when properly cleansed.

Do you have a signature look?

Oh yes! I am known for my bambi forehead, bold curved lips and long ‘power’ legs *giggles* and I love looking natural. I don’t like too much makeup on unless it’s for a photoshoot. Less is better.

What would be your must-have beauty product?

My must-have beauty product is my Bourjois lipgloss – it gets me going all day. It’s nude in colour and does the magic.

If we were to open your makeup bag, what other brands and products would we find?

My make up bag is full of makeup brands. You will find a Laura Mercier eyeshadow palette, Bobbi Brown foundation, Sleek colour palette, Maybeline’s Volume Mascara… it goes on! *laughs*


What are your beauty dos and don’ts?

I do moisturise every day, but I don’t wash my face every day. I don’t wear makeup every day but I do constant facial cleansing.

Whose makeup do you always admire?

Honestly that’s a tough one, but I would say Kerry Washington! She’s my kind of girl!

Can you please share an ‘oh no, I didn’t’ moment with us?

Oh my my! Where do I start? My ‘Oh no’ moment happened at London Fashion Week in 2011. I got my make up done and it really went wrong (especially the) foundation and eye shadow! It’s tough sometimes when mainstream (artists) use light foundation on a black model. I went quickly to the bathroom and wiped it off and the make up artist caught me! Oh dear! …I suggested I use my own foundation and it went well in the end.

If you had to give just one beauty tip/piece of advice, what would it be?

My one-off beauty advice would be… Don’t wear too much makeup, embrace your natural skin. Also, don’t bleach.

What is your beauty fantasy?

OMG! Do I have a beauty fantasy? Let me check… I think I am loving what #liptooch models do these days in hot fashion editorials *laughs* …I hope that’s a fantasy…?

If you could, what would you like to change in the beauty industry?

If I could change anything in the beauty industry it would be a total demolishing of skin lightening creams. It is a beauty virus syndrome and it needs to be kicked to the curb.


You can contact Nana via Instagram @iamnanaafuaantwi or Twitter @nanaafuaantwi as well as find out her top 10 beauty products here.

Image source: Nana Afua Antwi

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