Saturday, September 23, 2023

Beauty Trend- “Freckling”

For as long as we can remember, people have tried to cover what they thought were abnormalities in the appearance. Spending thousands and millions to suit certain beauty standards set by society. But if there is one thing we have learnt about beauty standards, it has to be that, just like an hour glass, the sand at the bottom can be at the top in no time.


What we are basically trying to say in essence is that, what is considered a big fail now can be a total trend in some years to come. Like, if you had told kids with freckles in the 80’s that in some 30 years, people will actually pay to get freckles tattooed on their faces; the chances of you being laughed at and called crazy would have been very high.


Yes it is a thing.


People are crazy about freckles and we can’t pretend not to know how cute they are. People who love freckles, but haven’t been blessed with natural speckled faces like Gigi Hadid, Adwoa Aboah, kyle Jenner, and loads more; have decide to seek alternative methods to getting the look.


The wild and daring art of getting freckles tattooed on your body has to be one of the heights of beauty trends this year. “Frecling” as it is called, is basically you tattooing your face with semi-permanent ink, to create artificial freckles on your face. Although the procedure looks a bit intense and bold compared to the natural freckles, they tend to fade out as time goes by and ease into a more natural look. The “Freckling” tattoo is said to last for about 2 years, so if you are not sure about it, we suggest you go for an easier way to get this look.


This trend is becoming more popular by the day and a lot of people are joining the band wagon. We really hope this trend doesn’t end up like the permanent eyebrow trend, or the Lil Wayne tear drop tattoo trend.


In the light of wild trends, we also cannot wait to see what the next big beauty craze will be in, say, 5 years.

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