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Beauty Trend to Try: The Fashion Hitting High Bun

There is no hairstyle simpler or trendier than the high bun, with a top knot topping the list of fashion-followers’ favourite low maintenance styles.

Not only is the look established in fashion circles, but it’s as classic as they come. But that’s not to say there isn’t room for new takes on the trend – just look at the exotic buns Carolina Herrera had on the runway for her Autumn/Winter’14 show during New York Fashion Week, which was nicknamed ‘The Beehive Bun’;

the high bun2

the high bun

And it’s not just mere mortals and models working the trend – celebrities are spotted wearing them too.

the high bun3

Kelly Osbourne adorns hers with a spiked hair comb and is first out with on-trend purple extensions (with purple being Pantone’s 2014 colour of the year).

the high bun4

Zendaya Coleman looked radiant with her high bun and fringe at the 27th Kids Choice Awards, and we all remember Kerry Washington’s on the 2014 Screen Actors Guild red carpet, where she opted for a loosely-positioned version to top off her baby bump-baring look.

the high bun6

To recreate a high bun of your very own, you will need the following items: bobby pins, a hair comb, edge control (to smooth down the edges of your hair), ouch-less hair bands and a strong arm (for holding up your hair for an extended period of time).

See our step-by-step next and get the look;

PicMonkey Collage

  1. Comb hair until smooth and tangle-free.
  2. Next, flip hair forward and hold up at the crown of the head with a hair band.
  3. Twist, braid or tuck-n-roll the pony tail/loose hair around the hair tie and secure with a second tie.
  4. Then use bobby pins to secure any loose ends.
  5. Finish up with hairspray to calm down strays and apply edge control gel to the hairline to neaten.

Et voila! You’ve your very own high bun!


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