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Trend to Try: Lots of Doll-Like Lashes

Pretty certain we can all agree that the focus for this season’s beauty is the eyes – a trend we at SPICE are well in the mood to try out, following some of the best catwalks from Autun/Winter’14 and their display of big, doll-like lashes.

Said lashes were seen on models at Rochas, Gucci and Prada, with the look all about crafting a wide-eyed beauty with well-applied mascara and fabulous, fanned-out falsies;

The Tiggy-iinspired look seen at Rochas

Prada's models were also spied rocking the trend
Prada’s models were also spied rocking the trend…

…Working the separated, doe-eyed look on the lower lash line, too
…Working the separated, doe-eyed look on the lower lash line, too

Clumpy as the look might look, OTT, ‘overdone’ mascara is clearly the thing to strive for, and whether you go for a thickly-coated lash or just lashes upon lashes via a pair of falsies, the way forward it to keep the rest of the face minimal with neutral lips, cheeks and brows – a beauty philosophy that some of our favourite celebrities have also been adopting;

Rapper Nicki Minaj, since her makeup re-brand, has been seen championing this trend with subtle makeup and a full lash effect

Queen Bey rocking her signature strong eyes with a softer lip

And even Beyonce's mother,  Tina Knowles knows about the trend, wearing hers with a strong, sexy red lip
And even Beyonce’s mother, Tina Knowles knows about the trend, though she wears hers with a strong, sexy red lip

So, fancy the full-on, doll-eyed look for yourself this season? Then see below our favourite set of falsies and mascaras, as well as a short how-to on achieving the look;

Eyelure's "exaggerate" false lashes, £6, here
Eyelure’s “exaggerate” false lashes, £6, here

Red Cherry Lashes, £2.99, here
Red Cherry Lashes, £2.99, here

MAC's "False Lashes" mascara, £19, here
MAC’s “False Lashes” mascara, £19, here

NARS "Larger Than Life" volumising mascara, $25, here
NARS “Larger Than Life” volumising mascara, $25, here

Get the Look

1. First, measure the length of a pair of false lashes against your own lash line, to make sure it’ll fit your eye shape. Cut any excess lashes from the falsies before you apply them.

2. To apply your false lashes, take both edges lash and bend it inward to create a ‘C’ shape – holding it for a couple of seconds to allow the shape to set a little, which will ensure that it moulds to the curved shape of your eye and stays put without the corners lifting up.

3. Apply a high-quality glue (we like DUO’s Eyelash Adhesive, $9 here) for lasting results. The glue should be applied along the ridge at the base of the lashes.

4. Wait ten seconds or so for the glue to become more tactile and sticky, before attempting to fix these to your lid.

5. When applying the lashes to your lid, be sure to aim for the base of your natural lash line, right on top of your real lashes, but try not to touch your eyelid. The glue does dry clear though, so don’t fret if a little gets on your skin.

6. After the glue has set, feel free to apply mascara to finish the look and also blend your lashes to the false set.

7. Using a small-wanded mascara, apply a wash of colour to the bottom lashes, holding and brushing the mascara on with the brush held vertically, to get a real defined look.

Et voila! You’ve got it – a pair of peepers just brimming with lashes. Flutter them our way via Instagram using @SPICETVAFRICA and the hashtags #ITried and #DollLashes.


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