Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Beauty Trend to Try: Gorgeous, Glowing Skin

While it seems that more and more people are focusing on their health these days (which is great, more power to you), designers are also taking note from this trend, and we are seeing more models rock simple glowing, healthy-looking skin on runways  – rather than faces full of colour and glitter.

Two designers who opted for an au natural look for this season are J.W. Anderson and Michael Kors – Anderson going for more of an outdoorsy, sun-kissed look, while Kors opted for wholesome, flushed skin.

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And, while a gorgeous glow doesn’t necessarily depict truly healthy skin, we might have to get involved quicktime to keep up with our favourite Hollywood stars  – even if getting Ciara and Kerry Washington’s pregnancy glow is a bit of a feat, you’ll forgive us for seeing their complexions and feeling inspired…

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The good news is that attempting to achieve this look doesn’t require much more than a good bronzer or face cream product (as well as lots of water daily, to get your skin good from inside out). Two of our favourite products are Michael Kors’ Sporty Bronze Powder in “Glow” ($50,) and MAC’s Casual Colour in “What A Lovely Day” ($21), which are exactly what was used on models at Mr Kors and J.W. Anderson’s shows;


To get the look, simply apply  Michael Kors’ product to the sides of your forehead, cheeks and jawline, using a fluffy brush, working in a ‘3’ or an ‘E’ shape on both sides of the face.

To use MAC’s Casual Colour, we recommend you use your finger tips and apply it lightly to the cheeks in the place of a blusher. Next, simply blend away until the colour is absorbed into the skin, leaving a more healthy-looking, radiant glow.

And do show us your attempts via @SPICETVAFRICA using the hashtag #ITried – you never know, we may repost the ones that are so good, they leave us feeling a little skin jealous…

Image source: Vogue.co.uk, Style.com, Fashionising.com, Ioneglobalgrind.com, Makeupgameonpoint.com

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