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#BeautySpot: Beyonce’s Forever-in-Formation Braids

In case you hadn’t noticed, the sensation that is Beyoncé has embarked on the UK leg of her tour recently, and has been playing with her hair – cornrows and long braids especially.

First spied at the 2016 BET Awards, the hair for her sold out Formation tour has seen Bey wearing a brilliant braided look – one that  as well as getting wild onstage with, she has even sported into the evening for date nights her husband Jay Z.


Dressed for her post-concert celebrations this week, the Lemonade star looked elegant in her white dress with peplum sleeves, lined with pink silk, and subtly showed off her shapely limbs in a pair of classy heels.

To compliment the outfit, her makeup was left minimal, leaving those long locks to do all the talking, tight bound in neat cornrows that fell down her back.


And though the internet has been divided on the look – some followers preferring her famous blonde waves – Team SPICE are both in awe of the style and the way that the star has managed to keep it together and looking fresh during her tour, despite all the dancing, outfit changes and fun she’s had with it on her head!

Get the Look

Want to wear a similar style this Summer? Well, simply part your hair into the direction you want your cornrows to flow, then get braiding.

Just bare in mind that one of the biggest causes of frizz to braids, despite their protective style, is friction from fabrics and the reaction of the hair to sweat or heat – the stuff of your neatly-done style’s worst nightmares!

Here’s a few tips though to reduce frizz and maintain your mane’s new look:


1. Try using a light spray oil like this Jamaican Mango and Lime Stimulating Spray Oil  (₦ 2,100, here) on the hair before braiding, using a soft brush to work it through the hair in direction the braids will flow. This should help keep the hair compressed once braided and reduce fuzz and fly-aways.


2. Using a light, alcohol-free gel product like Fantasia’s Frizz Straightening Gel (₦3,000 here) or KMS California’s Frizz Taming Creme (₦1,800 here) should also help you suppress the appearance of frizz. Just don’t overload the hair too much pre-braiding, as dry produce may rub off once set and create debris along the braids and scalp.


3. Try dampening the hair pre-braiding, using a mixture of water and light styling product like Cantu’s Shea Butter Define & Shine Custard (₦2,690, here), brushing it through in the direction the braids will flow. While still damp, you should also next wrap your finished braids in a scarf (like Calypso’s Wrapping Scarf, N1,200 here) until the hair dries completely.

Calypso wrapping scarf-800x800

4. Sort your sleeping arrangement out to make sure that your sheets and pillow case aren’t rubbing on the hair and creating frizz. To tackle this, we’d recommend a silk scarf that can be wrapped around the hair, and/or a set of silky sheets or pillowcase. Try Stay On Satin’s bonnet (N1,450 here) or Spasilk’s pillowcases (from £9.99 here).


Got your own methods for keeping your braids in formation? Tell us your tips to keeping your cornrows in place, or for nailing Beyonce’s look, online by tagging us @SPICETVAFRICA.

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