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#BeautySpot: Meagan Good’s Gorgeous, Faux Locks

With the start of the year leaving us exploring all things ‘Fresh‘ this January, we’ve been pleased to see Minority Report actress, Meagan good has been making major ‘mane’ moves with her new faux dreadlocks.

Originally styled for her shoot with Rolling Out magazine, the hairdo was created with inspirations from natural hair devotee, Lisa Bonet. And, while this is not the first time Ms Good’s rocked the look (the star was seen stepping out with a top knot of locks last month, for the Hollywood Reporter‘s Annual Women In Entertainment Breakfast) we could not take our eyes of pics of her at the People Choice Awards, where she wore loose locks.


The beauty, who hit the red carpet with her film producer and preacher husband, DeVon Franklin, wore a seafoam green, scarf-hem gown by Alice + Olivia, together with a pearlescent box clutch by Edie Parker and statement earrings.

Meagan compliments the gown with light berry lips and emerald green eye shadow, but it was her hairdo that gave her the win – and landed her a place as our first Beauty Spot of 2016.


Get the Look

Want to wear the look yourself? We don’t blame you, as faux locks are picking up popularity in the natural hair community and are championed as a stylish yet protective hairstyle.

But as simply stunning as the look is, the process of making faux locks, however, is detailed and therefore best done by a professional hairstylist – hence we’d advise you head to one of our favourite beauty retreats, Apples and Oranges.

Though, if you’ve got a pack of Kanekalon and Marley hair handy, plus 12-14 hours to spare and want to give it a go yourself, try these steps below:

1. First, clean and deep condition your hair because it’s likely you’re going to keep your locked look for a little while and it’s best your hair is at its most clean and conditioned. Seal in moisture with an oil of your choosing.

Note: We recommend you work around the hairline, going in a circle around the head till you reach the crown as it’s likely you’ll need to take a break from working on your dreads, and can simply gather your hair into a ponytail or bun (where the locks you’ve finished so far will be visible, concealing your un-locked hair in the middle of your head) should you need to leave the house before completing the look.

2. Begin to create your locs by taking small square sections at a time and dividing the hair into two. Once divided, take a strip of Kanekalon hair and lie it in the centre, over your parted section, creating a ‘cross’. Now, taking your own hair, begin to braid it, sealing the extensions into the section at the root.

Once your braid is complete, the section should be left looking like three free strips of hair; your braid hanging between two free strips of Kanekalon hair. Now braid these together and snip the length of the hair extensions at your desired length.

Note: your extension should be braided to at least 10cms longer than your natural hair, so that your own hair does not reach the end of your braid.

3. Next, take a piece of Marley hair and wrap this around the root of your finished braid. Continue wrapping from root to tip, covering the entire braid in the Marley hair.

Note: Should you find you run out of Marley hair before you reach the end of your braid, simply take another piece and  begin to wrap this over the loose end of your original piece of Marley hair, covering the loose end and continuing to cover the braid to the tip and creating a dreadlock effect.

4. When you reach the tip of the braid, use your fingers to come through and combine the Marley hair and the Kanekalon hair together. Then, twist the merged hair together and create a ‘loop’ with your fingers – a U-bend at the end of the lock.

Now, take the free tip of the hair and begin to wrap this over the U-bend, concealing it – just as you were concealing the braid with the Marley hair before.

5. Next, take a lighter and quickly burn over the very end of the lock – the section where the U-bend has been concealed. While still hot, rub the hair between your hands to seal the end together.

6. Repeat all of the above steps with new sections of your hair, until your style is complete. Then, simply use a water spray to nourish and hydrate your roots daily.


But what do you think to the faux locks look? Tell us your thoughts on Meagan Good’s new style and whether you’ll be rocking it, below in the comments section or online @SPICETVAFRICA.

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