Saturday, March 25, 2023

#BeautySpot: Serena Williams’ Curly Tresses

US tennis sensation, Serena Williams was spotted at a photocell this week to promote the film Pixels, directed by American Chris Colombus – and, as she has been for  a while now, the star looked just amazing.


Taking a short break from training for the French Open in Paris, the tennis champ, who also has a cameo in the film, took to the event looking fresh and beautiful in a white skater dress as she posed for the camera.

While all eyes were on Serena’s toned body, we at SPICE were more taken by her beauty look – the big, bold eyebrows and nude lips, complimented by her standout,  side-parted waves.


Get the Look

Did you too love Ms Williams’ hair? Simply steal her style with your own set of curls, with our step-by-step below;

1. First, sounds weird, but skip the shampoo and condition part of your routine, only curls last longer on hair that isn’t freshly washed. Instead, go ahead and detangle your hair, then section into four even parts.

2. Apply a heat protecting spray to the mid lengths to ends, brushing the product through to the tips.

3. Starting with the first section, take a small two-finger-wide piece of hair and wind around the curling iron. Hold the hair for just a few seconds (with the iron at its hottest) and gently unwind. Spritz the curl with a holding product, though an everyday hairspray will do.

4. Repeat this through the remainder of the first section of hair, working your way through the other 3 sections. When working on the front sections, it’s best to create the parting you’d like to have when your hair is complete – so make a centre parting or side parting like Serena’s while your finishing off your curls in the front sections.

5. Next, separate some of your curls using your fingers, which should break your medium-small curls into small-to-tiny ones, like Serena’s.

6. Keep the curls in place with a final spritz of hairspray.

7. Lastly, to complete the look as sleekly as the sports star, you need to work on those edges and we at SPICE recommend Design Essentials’ “Honey and Shea Butter Edge Tamer” – yours for $11.99, here. Simply apply to your hairline with your fingertips and smooth stray strands down with a boar bristle brush.



Et voila – you’ve a head full of curls just like Serena Williams! We look forward to seeing your attempts at the look online – just tag us in your pics using @SPICETVAFRICA.

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