Thursday, September 28, 2023

#BeautySpot: Yemi Alade’s Puffy Pony

Nigerian music star, Yemi Alade, who was recently nominated alongside six other African artists for the 2016 BET Awards and is currently working the circuit in London, was spotted looking luscious last week, and wowing us with her beauty.

Dressed in a causal pair of jeans and an Ankara blouse, paired with a tasseled shoulder bag, the “Johnny” crooner complimented her clothes with vampy red lipstick, full brows and the crowning glory: a puffy, afro pony.


The fantastic hairdo is not the first we’ve loved on the fashionista, who is known to rock extreme kinky styles. However, we at SPICE love the way her high, puffy ponytail highlights Yemi’s facial features, and the contrast between the smooth front and volumnous back, which works for work or play.

Get the Look

Easy-to-do, Afro puffs are a girl’s fastest way to show off her natural hair texture. To recreate a pony like Yemi’s, a comb, hairband and some edge control is really all that’s needed.

But if you’re lacking length, use dry, kinky hair extensions and pull the lengths into a ponytail, or follow the below steps to nailing the look with very short hair that won’t reach a hair band;

  1. Moisten hair and apply moisturiser
  2. Blow out your hair with a blow dryer while combing tresses with a fine-toothed comb or an Afro pick. The combination of heat and fine-combing will make your hair voluminous and fluffy.
  3. Next, placing a large and soft headband around your neck, use wide tooth comb and soft bristled brush to direct hair upward to the top of the head. ult-110_1z
  4. Apply edge control, pomade or gel around the edges and at the nape, then smooth over with the soft brush. We recommend Crème of Nature’s “Argan Oil Perfect Edges Control” (₦ 3,350, here).
  5. Pull the headband up to forehead, and using both hands slide the headband upward until desired puff-effect is reached; your hair should ‘spill’ out behind the headband, giving volume in contrast to the smoothened front part of your hair and hairline. Note: The farther back you slide the band, the smaller the ‘puff’ will be.
  6. Fluff out your puff, re-smoothen any edges and you’re good to go.

yemi 2

Loving the look? Well don’t forget to off your interpretation of Yemi Alade’s Afro puff ‘do online, by tagging us @SPICETVAFRICA.

Image source:, @Yemialade

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