Monday, October 2, 2023

Trend to Try: Big, Beautiful Brows

Haven’t you heard? Thin brows are completely ‘out’ – they have been for a few seasons now and well since the arrival of a certain Ms Cara Delevigne – with big, bold and beautiful brows taking over as the ‘new’ thing for your face.

As with all trends, this one began on the catwalk, with makeup artists having treated model brows like butter; spreading brows across the face for a real expressive and defined look, and brushing up a real following of the idea amongst the fash pack – especially those who witnessed how elegant, noble and strong the models looked rocking theirs at Hugo Boss and Proenza Schouler’s last season shows;

On the catwalk at Hugo Boss, models rocked a bold brow as a contrast to their ladylike clothing…

…The contrast resulted in a brave, beautiful look that had an air of sophisticated strength.

…While at Proenza Schouler, the brows worked to match the defiance of the unusual, bold collection.

The models and their clothes were strikingly defiant – and we were in love.

But it’s not just the runways that have been spied championing the look, as bigger but well-groomed brows have been spotted on some of our favourite celebrity faces, too;

Rihanna has been a long-time champion of this big brow look, looks good in it, and knows it…

…Solange Knowles knows about the trend too (obviously – it’s Solange), using it to compliment her bold style…

And even Nicki stopped plucking when she went au natural with her look. Here's her face wondering where your big brows are...
And even Nicki stopped plucking when she went au natural with her look. Here’s her face wondering where your big brows are…

Luckily for us, the trend is actually super-flattering to all as it will take years off the face and is easy to achieve. Not only can you recreate it with minimal tools, but you can also get a fuller brow without breaking the bank – just follow the simple steps below for your bold brow look;

Get the Look

1. You can either use a brow pencil or powder to recreate the trend. Pick your poison and then start by brushing your brows into place – upwards and outwards to really boast the fullness. Fill in any gaps with your brow pencil or powder and an angular brush, using sparse, short and quick movements with your pencil or brush if you’re using powder. Just note, either pencil or powder will need to match the shade of your brows. We recommend Elf’s Eyebrow Kit (£3.95, here) as they offer a range of different shades, which all come in a pigmented wax for shaping the brow for neatness, too.

2. Brush your brows again very lightly in order to blend the colour in further and clean out the brow bone with concealer to give it a neater, more defined look.

Et voila! You’ve on-trend, big and beautiful eyebrows! Just note that if you want your brows to become naturally full, so that next time there’s less work needed to get the look, just  stay away from the tweezers or your beautician for a few months…


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