Monday, January 17, 2022
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    Best Swimsuits To Rock This Summer

    It’s Summer!! if you don’t have that summer body yet, you can still have fun notwithstanding. It seems to be the season of all things swimsuit. Designers have now revamped their collections by adding more plus size pieces into their line. We think these are the perfect swimsuits to rock this summer, take a look

    Tribal Swimsuits: these swimsuits have become such a trend, you even have celebrities like Idia Aisien rocking this swimsuits with distressed jeans. we think it’s a perfect combo with tribal braids too, is that to ‘matchy’ or not?

    tribal swimsuit

     olori swimsuit tribalCrochet Swimsuits:Although  we do not advise a plus size to opt for this trend, we rather prefer you opt for a tribal swimsuit instead. This is because crochet sometimes has dept and can be not so comfortable on the skin. But irrespective of that you won your body and you should be allowed to risk whatever makes you happy.

    Disclaimer: Do not commit a fashion fauz pas and blame it on us(winks)

    crochet swimsuit

    One piece swimsuit: yes!! did we just hear you say goodbye to protruding tummy. This is the best way to cover up what you want. Some of this one piece swimsuits comes in bandage fabric, hence they help you snatch in all the parts that needs to be snatched. Yes to that banging body.



    Bikini Swimsuits:If you have a body like Kylie Jenner please do not hesitate to rock the hell out of this trend. The bikini is for the daring and those who are nit afraid to show their flaws.

    tribal bikini swimsuit

     olori swimsuit tribal

    Two piece swimsuit: This ranges from boy shorts and bra-lets to, skirted bottoms with halter necks and high waist panties with tube. This swimsuits are very versatile and also very comfy.

    two piece swimsuit

    swimsuits to rock this summer

    swimsuits to rock this summer


    Now that you know all these trends, go ahead and rock it, until then, here is something to do. CLICK HERE


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