Thursday, September 21, 2023

Best Ways To Have A Great Week At Work

Oopsy!  It’s Monday already, the dreaded day of all weak, we bet if Friday had the name ‘Monday’ people would still be alarmed by it. But seriously what is it really about Mondays that get people so uptight and worried. In the spirit of being the brand that always caters to your needs we have put up 10 ways to aid you look forward to every Monday.

  • Play Dress Up: If you think about how stylish you will look on a Monday trust us when we say, you will be so excited to wake up and head to work. Read our work wear Inspiration for more insight on this.


  • Think Positively: This is the only way you can break out of the norm by having a positive vibe towards the upcoming week. If you are constantly in need of an inspiration to jolt you up for the new week, then we gat you on Monday Mantra.


  • Look forward to an event: If there’s nothing to look forward to at work, then you should schedule your time table to attend an event, this will definitely keep you excited.


  • Have a great lunch planned: Oh yes! this will be an escape route from work. Do not order your lunch, why not walk into a beautiful Restaurant with great food and fuel your self up.


  • Set Goals: When you set goals to accomplish during the day or week, we can tell you for free, the week becomes easier and even more rewarding then it would be if you just walked straight into Monday with out any plans.


  • Meet up with a great friend after work


  • Love your Job: we can not over emphasize that you need to love your job, statistics shows that just 30 percent of employees at work actually engage happily at work, it means 7o percent are unhappy to be at work. The only way to love Mondays is by being part of this 30 percent.


  • listen to your favorite Artist or song. This always has a positive psychological impact in our output or thoughts towards the new week


  • Wake up early and take a walk before getting set for work, this will help you clear your head and also make you fit for the morning.


  • Lastly, make sure you have a great weekend, rest, take a nap and please do not retire to bed late on a Sunday night as we can not cheat nature, you will wake up tired, gloomy and not happy to face the day, as you would wish for more sleep. That can affect your entire day and week.


  • There’s a lot more you can engage in to make sure you have the perfect Monday, but let’s leave you with this helpful tips. Have a great Monday.

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