Monday, March 20, 2023

“Beyonce” Is Finnaly A Motivational Word, That’s All We Learnt At Coachella

“Make sure you be a Beyonce at what you do”, Beyonce made that saying possible after she outdid herself in a two hour mind blowing performance at Coachella. Not only was she the first black woman to headline Coachella but she also reunited Destiny’s Child and performed side by side with her sister, that is what you call goals.

beyonce-coachella-performance with destiny child

This performance is said to be her best performance so far, it seems like every time Beyonce has a performance, she makes it better than the last, so we can only imagine what her next big performance would look and feel like. This black woman has everyone on social media saluting her, calling her the queen, she does deserve some accolade(did we say some, how about a lot).


Beyonce did not just come to perform, she came to show that she reigns supreme when it come to being fashion forward, she changed into five different custom made Balmain outfits and changed her nail polish at the dim same time(who does that? Beyonce, ask no more). She did all that in two hours!!


She debuted her performance wearing a body suit and cape dripping in sparkle and shine, adorned with motifs and a headpiece to pay tribute to queen Nefertiti.


One of our favorite looks from the super woman was her sleek black bodysuit paired with thigh high boots,it reminded us of Lanquan Smiths collection during GTB Fashion weekend in 2017. While performing with her husband Jay-Z, she slipped into a mesh jersey top with a sequined crest detail across the top.



We do not deserve this perfection, if Coachella had decided that this was the only performance, we would have gone home still satisfied. Beyonce is the #MondayMantra motivation we all needed. Moral of teh story, “Be a Beyonce at whatever you do, because the world is watching”





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