Monday, October 2, 2023

Beyonce Is The Worlds Highest Paid Female Singer

Beyonce has recently been named highest paid female musician in 2017, a spot that was held by Taylor Swift in 2016
Thanks to Beyonce’s hit album “Lemonade”and her world tour for the album, she earned a whopping $105 million in pre-tax income out earning Adele and Taylor Swift who both earned $52 million and $33 million. Not only did Taylor swift not make the cut for this year but she was third place after Adele.

Although there are speculations that Taylor Swift might be coming right back on top with the release of her album and subsequent world tour and her scheduled return to the UK next month for a huge appearance at Capital FM’s Jingle Bell Ball, alongside the likes of Stefflon Don and Ed Sheeran.

This has definitely been a great year for Beyonce with the arrival of her twins and now highest paid female musician.

See full list below of Top Ten Highest paid Female Musicians

  1. Beyonce – £79 million
  2. Adele – £52 million
  3. Taylor Swift – £33 million
  4. Celine Dion – £31 million
  5. Jennifer Lopez – £28 million
  6. Dolly Parton  – £27.9 million
  7. Rihanna – £27 million
  8. Britney Spears – £25 million
  9. Katy Perry – £24 million
  10. Barbra Streisand – £22 million

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