Monday, May 29, 2023

Beyonce Reveals Stylish Film “Yours and Mine” & Talks on Her Life, Feminism & Marriage

Joining SPICE in thinking all things ‘celebration’ this month, unstoppable Beyonce has just released another finely-tuned piece of art in the shape of a short film that marks a year since the launch of her self-titled surprise album – a film that reveals her deepest thoughts on her life, thoughts on feminism and her marriage.

The 12-minute video, titled Yours and Mine, includes footage from her album’s brilliant music videos, over which Beyoncé talks on various topics covering her upbringing, her fame and the hot topic of feminism, with the star saying;

“I always consider myself a feminist, although I was always afraid of that word because people put so much on it.

…I am a humanist.”


The star also says of her celebrity status;

“When you’re famous no one looks at you as a human any more, you become the property of the public. There is nothing real about it.”


On her marriage to rapper and music mogul Jay Z, the star explains;

“People feel like they lose something when they get married, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There is nothing more exciting than having a witness to your life.

…When you find the person that you trust and you love and you feel is going to respect you… it feeds you. It is the most powerful thing you can ever feel in your life.”


At the end of the highly stylish short film, Beyoncé is shown walking down a beach with her daughter Blue Ivy, where Bey’s commentary concludes;

“Happiness comes from you, no one else can make you happy – you make you happy. And one thing that’s for sure, the love I have for music, for my husband, for my child, is something that will last far beyond my life.”

See the film here below and let us know if, like us, you can conclude that Beyonce’s style of execution – no matter the project or the product – always results in her work being worthy of the highest celebration there is. We’re Team Bey all the way.

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