Friday, March 31, 2023

Binx Walton, Malaika Firth & Imaan Hamman for iD Magazine’s “A-Z of Beauty” Video

The beautiful Binx Walton, Imaan Hammam and Malaika Firth are captured on film for i.D Magazine’s A-Z of Beauty – a cool new installment of the publication’s A-Z fashion films, marking the launch of their very own Beauty Week.

Representing letters ‘a’ for “abstract,” ‘l’ for “lips” and  ‘n’ for “neon” respectively, mixed model Binx, Kenyan star Malaika and Moroccan-Egyptian stunner Imaan are seen showcasing the best sorts of beauty, with makeup by Isamay Ffrench and styling by Sara Richardson.

The short film, directed by Daniel Sannwald is well-worth a watch, if not for its alternate way of looking at the subject then for the vibrant makeup used to represent each of the 26 letters of the alphabet.

A for effort. See it, below;


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