Saturday, September 23, 2023

Bizarre Beauty Trends- Nostril Hair Extensions

This is us officially surrendering to the idea of the newest bizarre trend being the last of its kind. It just gets more outrageous by the day. Bat an eyelid and something unbelievably creative yet creepy pops up on your TL. Instagram beauty influencers and creative’s have to be recognized for the vital role they play in making these trends go viral.

nostril hair extensions

So, the latest of the crazy trends is what they are calling the “Nostril Hair Extension”. You absolutely read right, and yes! It is exactly what you think it is, artificial hair extensions made into a circle to fit your nostrils. As if the natural ones aren’t already a challenge.

nostril hair extensions bizzare beauty trend

This crazy trend is believed to have been started by @gren_____chen______chen on Instagram and have since gone viral and a lot of other instagramers have since tried out this trend.


The only bright side to this craze is that, we think it suitable for Halloween.

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