Sunday, October 1, 2023

Black Panther Premieres In Lagos Nigeria

W e really can’t keep calm because of course the first Black Marvel superhero movie premiered in Lagos Nigeria yesterday and we still feel like we went to the fictional Wakanda and came back. The much anticipated super hero movie premiered on the 13th at the Palms Shopping Mall.

Almost everyone turned up in outfits that had a touch of African Prints. The Black carpet area was transformed to what could pass as a scene from the movie. There were leaves dangling from the ceiling and  the black carpet had a touch of vibrant African Kente fabric.

black panther premiere


The guests! Lord, they could have easily passed for Wakandan royals. Top celebrities like Frank Edoho, Lola Oj, Timini, Bolly Lomo, Kas, and many more graced the red carpet. They couldn’t help their excitements and shared their hopes and thoughts on what the movie will be like.

black panther


Black Panther was everything we anticipated and more. It has set a very high pedestal for African American Film Makers all over the world. On the other hand, the movie portrayed the Natural gifts and resources African countries are blessed with and the power it holds on the world if properly utilized.

Spoiler Alert: A notorious part of Nigeria Got featured in the movie. Although we are not entirely sure on how to feel about the scene, we agree that it showed us a part and truth of the current situation of things in the country.

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