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Bunmi Koko Rebrands as ‘Bunmi’

It seems designers are starting 2014 with a ‘new year, new brand’ mantra, with Deola Sagoe first announcing a rebrand earlier this week, and now Bunmi Koko, who will be born again as ‘Bunmi’.

Bunmi Olaye, co-founder and designer of Bunmi Koko (alongside partner Francis Udom), told followers on her Facebook page:

“Hi guys, the transition has (begun)! Bunmi Koko is rebranding as ‘Bunmi’. New structure, new team, new pursuits, new logo!”

The fabulous news comes after 2 years of hiatus from the talent, who resigned from Bunmi Koko in 2011 to pursue other interests, leaving the company to dissolve by 2013.

Bunmi Koko’s last collection, Spring/Summer’12

Clues the designer would come out of hibernation were there though, with her posting on Tumblr last year:

“It is great to look back at your work, reflect and ponder on the pieces that worked best, what you loved the most and what you want to carry forward into the next season. I am designing again and it is so much fun!!”

The Bunmi Koko brand was an instant hit with stars like Mel B, Keisha Buchanan, Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland, and the successful partnership between Bumni Olaye and Francis Udom is also known for its creation of ‘Longitudinal Caissons’ – a method of creating tubular silhouettes with fabric.

The designer, Bunmi Olaye.

This new venture, however, seems to be a solo effort, or at least as the name would suggest. ‘Bunmi Koko’ came from a combination of Bunmi’s first name (meaning ‘God gave me’) and the nickname given to her by Udom, ‘Koko’, which means ‘my other half.’

Either way, we’re as excited about Bunmi’s return as she is, and while we’re yet to hear when a debut collection will surface, Ms Olaye confirms, “

I am now working on the new ‘Bunmi’ label and preparing to launch soon…”

We at SPICE just hope that ‘soon’ is not too long away and wish Bunmi the best of luck for the future.

Image source: Bunmiolaye.tumblr.com

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