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Campaign: Solange’s Saint Heron x Puma “Word to the Woman”

While we at SPICE are thinking all things ‘Movement’ this month on the site, creative genius and collaborator at Puma, Solange Knowles has just dropped her a new campaign, “Word to the Woman” – and wow are we feeling it.

Throwing one up there for women everywhere, the campaign was created for Ms Knowles’ third collection for Puma and taps 14 successful women of different backgrounds and creative roles to front it – a collaboration between Solange’s Saint Heron label and Puma, that;

“Celebrates women who innovate and redefine roles in varied walks of life.”

Bee Walker, one of the stars of Solange’s “Word to the Woman” campaign for Puma

The ambassadors include New York-based photographer Bee Walker, DJ Lindsey Tipley, director of the Jack Shaiman Gallery, Joeonna Bellorado-Samuels, stylist and designer, Mengly Hernandez and more.

Mengly Hernandez, another face of the “Word to the Woman” campaign

Lensed by J. Quazi King, with mood shots by Alan Del Rio Ortiz and styling by Lizzy Okpo of William Okpo, the shots scream Solange’s clean and surreal sort of style, with short interviews with the campaign stars and videos included to further express her vision.

See some of the shots from the campaign below, though we at SPICE suggest you jump over to the “Word to the Woman” Tumblr here for Solange’s full Saint Heron x Puma campaign.

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