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Cape Town Fashion Week – Street Style

Fresh off the heels of Winter, Spring is officially here and our insights are glued to Cape Town. Spotted in pockets along the coast, off-beaten looks can be seen on thrashing rebels to buttoned-up dappers. Xhosa-inspired prints, reworked jeans, matching duo sets, and bespoken accessories appear to be the new wave…

We took to the streets of Cape Town to take a closer look:

Maxhosa by Laduma Golf Shirt and Socks
Athlesiure- Maxhosa by Laduma Golf Shirt and Socks. See more Maxhosa by Laduma

Athleisure is the newest coined term to describe that sweet spot between everyday wear and athletic clothing. It gives you the comfort ability to wear to work or through an airport. Its range is what has enabled designers to carve out a thriving niche exclusively for it. To achieve the look for spring, seek out lightweight knits with solid colored blocking or prints. MaXhosa by Laduma’s brand collide perfectly with the trend. Try out his Xhosa-inspired print shirts with the Triangle Stripe Socks as pictured. The pairings, with a casual slim pant and runners, will complete the casual-cool look for school or a block party.

Maxhosa by Laduma Cardigan and Socks, AAKS Clutch
Afropunkstar- Maxhosa by Laduma Cardigan and Socks,     AAKS Clutch, ADELE DEJAK Bracelet. See more ADELE DEJAK

Wild and forever free is the Afro-Punk scene. This isn’t just a trend. It’s more of a subculture dedicated to celebrating alternative Afrocentric individuals and their communities. Empowering the freedom of expression, Afro-Punkstars (as we like to call them) are amongst the quintessential cultures of trendsetters. This spotted Afro-Punker above mixes it up with a frayed wide-leg denim, a lightweight authentic knit jersey, velvet platform Mary Jane heels, and finishes it off with a Xhosa-inspired print cardigan and the Curved Diamond Print Socks from MaXhosa by Laduma. Rock this out to the upcoming Afro-Punk Fest or straight to an opening fashion show.

Monochrome Street Style
Dual Wolf Packing-Monochrome Street Style

It’s the return of the duo classics. Running in a pack is what its all about these days and monochrome matching sets are the distinction of how down your crew really is. Going beyond “twinning”, side-by-side sets bring uniformity to cohesive movements. The split-dyed fashion trend pushes ‘wolf-packing’ beyond the mark with mirroring two-toned pairings in modern cuts – fit for young fashion rebels. The denim duo above switches up the trend with allowing each to express their own individual nuances while still rocking coupling denim jackets. Wear this solo to an intimate gathering or out with your tribe to make a statement.

Maxhosa by Laduma Golf Shirt and Pattern Socks
Printing with Savvy- Maxhosa by Laduma Golf Shirt/Pattern Socks. See more Maxhosa by Laduma

In Spring you can never have too much print. After all, it’s the easiest way to incorporate color into a meek wardrobe. Modify business casual looks with a pop of print from MaXhosa by Laduma’s line of lightweight knit golf shirts and matching Ikat Print Socks . The Xhosa-inspired prints exude authenticity and imagination. Top it off with graphic print satchel to showcase your creative range and let your personal style flow.

The High-Style Club
The High-Style Club

Some occasions bring the need for high-style and no one does it better than dapper gentlemen. This trend is officially a way of life. Clean-cut, from head-to-toe, men are embracing the once forgotten tradition of everyday tailored wear. Spring will bring lighter colors and fabrics to carry this style effortlessly into Summer. Fitted with fresh cotton shirts , lined blazers, and creased pants, well-dressed men are strolling out this Spring accessorized in dripping jewels, high-style, and high spirits. Take up this style as an everyday look or for lively social occasions.


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