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Celeb Style Profile: Crunk-Singer Turned Style Icon Ciara

From rocking ghetto fabulous “Goodies” to becoming Givenchy’s muse, Ciara has definitely come a long way in terms of style.

The singer first hit the scene in 2004 as a talented new singer with moves to kill and was quickly hailed as the “First Lady of Crunk&B” – spending her break out era embracing edgy, boyish styles, flashy gold jewels and looks that were a touch feminine but a whole lot ‘hood.’

Since then, the star has grown alongside her wardrobe to become an stylish icon in the music and fashion world – a transition we’re about to explore…

At the 2004 Billboard Music Awards
Ciara seen here at the 2004 Billboard Music Awards, rocking ghetto-licious fur, gold hoops and knee high boots.

The singer’s early looks started out a little questionable, but as a music industry newbie with promising skills in song and killer choreography, we definitely cut her some slack – plus, with age, her fashion wisdom would come.

At the 2005 BET Awards
At the 2005 BET Awards, the star dabbled in a girly look, rocking an uber frilled skirt and a tied crop top.

Ciara soon began to straddle sexy, sassy and tomboyishness with her looks, with everyone concluding she was a reincarnation of the late Aaliyah. Addressing the comparisons, the star said;

Aaliyah was very special and still is very special, obviously her legacy lives on. I would never try to repeat or redo, replace whatever that is, that energy… She’s special and she can never be replaced.

Photoshoot styled
Ciara seen here in a photoshoot inspired by Aaliyah’s 90s style.

ACiara doesn’t cast away the tomboy-ish style that became her trademark, but instead infuses a more mature, feminine approach to it
But as the years crept by, Ciara’s looks became stronger and more of her own, marking her identity as a star. By the time she was spotted at the Express and Elle Magazine event in 2009, she had honed her androgynous look and made it her trademark, infusing it with a more mature and feminine approach – always wearing heels and revealing a hint of skin.

 at the Los Angeles screening of G.I. Joe with a short cropped do...
At the Los Angeles screening of G.I. Joe in August 2009, she surprised everyone with a short cropped ‘do that we just loved.

In 2010, Ricardo Tisci named Ciara his new muse and at his couture Spring 2010 show in Paris, she was spotted celebrating her new coveted side gig.

Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Bash 2010
At the Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Bash in 2010, the star was definitely experimenting with designer style, while seeming to remember her ghetto-fabulous roots, rocking more knee high boots and a fur jacket – this time, though, looking more refined.

Ciara next started to embrace her sex appeal and began stepping away her tomboyish style, flashing her toned and taut abs whenever she had the chance.

She stole the limelight at the 7th Annual Peapod Benefit Concert in 2011, wearing a cut-out dress which showed much skin and enhanced her curves.

By 2011, Ciara’s fashion transformation was nearly complete. The “Love Sex and Magic” singer wore a jaw-dropping blue Emilio Pucci creation at the Grammy Awards. Accented with a jeweled neckline and bodice, the dress showed off Ciara’s amazing physique with a sky-high thigh slit and cutouts along her waistline.
2011 seemed to spark a wardrobe revolution for Ciara, whose fashion transformation went into over-drive. She wore a jaw-dropping blue Emilio Pucci creation for the Grammy Awards, showing off her amazing physique with a thigh-high slit and rocking cutouts along her small waistline.

Ever since, Ciara has continued to thrive on the fashion front, changing her look, sporting trends and wearing clothes by some of the world’s best designers.

Ciara was a In Givenchy Haute Couture for the 2013 MTV Music Video Awards
Ciara was seen in a sexy feathered Givenchy Haute Couture dress for the 2013 MTV Music Video Awards, where she dared to show more skin than ever before.

And as a mum-to-be, Ciara stepped out in a custom Emilio Pucci gown for the 2014 Grammys, where she looked her most beautiful yet.

Most recently, the star was spied in Milan for the Calvin Klein Fall’14 show, looking less music star and more like one of the fash pack.

Though to us she will always be the talent who taught us to “1, 2, step,” Ciara has expanded her reach far beyond just the world of music, evolving to become an icon in both hip-hop and in fashion – and for that, we at SPICE salute her.

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