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Celeb Style Profile: Genevieve Nnaji

While some stars are born fashionistas, some are made fashionistas through a team of stylists. And then there are those whose fashion sense has improved throughout years of consistent constructive criticism and (sometimes) offensive comments. Nollywood actress and designer, Genevieve Nnaji is one of those stars in the latter category; her style at first being a bit of a sad case but who is today, one of the most fashionable actresses in Africa.

Known for her simple and elegant way of dressing, Genevieve Nnaji, who crept up on us in the early 90s, has been described as the ‘Julia Roberts of Africa’ by Oprah Winfrey, and has gradually become a force to be reckoned with in fashion, earning herself the title of a true style star!

Here’s a look back at Genevieve’s transition, from girl-next-door to well-styled superstar;


 gene 1

Her debut images were sexy but didn’t say much about her style – though we can cut her some slack since this was the nineties… Few fashion stores and even fewer stylists, fashion magazines and online outlets were on hand to give tips, so we forgive Genny for her early faux pas.



After she appeared in the movie Ijele, which happens to be one of her best movies, Genevieve was went forth as an icon – one to be loved and adored by many, whose name was known in many a household and whose image became the desire of every young girl.

She was simple, beautiful and dressed very comfortable for herself
Here, Genevieve was simple, beautiful and dressed comfortably.

Soon though, many fans became offended by the rising star’s lack of taste for key fashion items and emplored that her wardrobe should improve.



By 2011, after appearing in over 50 movies, Genny – still relevant and rising as one of the leading actresses in Africa – had stepped her style up a bit.

Genevieve in Jewel by Lisa at the premiere of 'Mirror Boy' in London
Genevieve in Jewel by Lisa at the premiere of Mirror Boy in London

The star started to look more elegant and chic, wearing classic black dresses and gravity defying heels – sometimes rocking embellished dresses that had much more impact on the red carpets she graced.



She kept it simple and chic

Often times, she abandoned the little black dress for more glamorous looks
Often, the star abandoned the little black dress for brighter looks from high end designers

By 2012, Genevieve had gone from girl-next-door to designer-clad and elegant fashionista.

Genevieve looked flawless at Australian Lace Nigerian Fashion event
Genevieve always looked flawless at Nigerian fashion events, wearing more directional outfits

Owning her dress and rocking straight hair at a movie premiere

At the African Movie Viewer's Choice Awards 2013, she arrived in a plunging neck white dress by Bridget Awosika. This look was sexy! Fresh with less accessories and a glowing smile to compliment the elegant look
Genevieve at the African Movie Viewer’s Choice Awards in 2013

At the 2013 African Movie Viewer’s Choice Awards, the star arrived in a plunging white dress by Bridget Awosika – a sexy yet sophisticated look. Looking fresh, carrying less accessories and a glowing smile, that night, she showed how far her style had evolved.

She opted for a less provocative yellow dress from April by Kunbi.
Genevieve seen here in a yellow dress from April by Kunbi

Getting bolder, the star is often spotted flashing bright colours like yellow…

Genevieve Nnaji
Seen here in head-to-toe yellow at the MTN Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2014 – her dress by Bridget Awosika

Another yellow-fused look for a casual day out


Now, the star never seems to disappoint us; style comes to her naturally and she always manages to make dressing up so effortless and classy.


Genevieve in Lanre Da Silva for the launch of EbonyLife TV. #Gorgeous!

Genevieve+Nnaji white jumpsuit
At the Toronto International Film Festival premiere of ‘Half of a Yellow Sun’ in Canada, Genny sizzled in a white jumpsuit by Andrea Iyamah for her Hollywood debut

So, from 90s mishaps to present day style goddess, Genevieve is a star to watch out for. We at SPICE are certainly looking forward to what she’ll be wearing this year, and for sure you’ll see us reporting on her style as it continues to evolve…

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