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Celeb Style Profile: The Talented Temi Dollface

Generally, Temi Dollface is referred to as an up and coming talent, but for us here at SPICE, this musical doll is an utter sensational when it comes to her striking sense of style.

Temi presents her vintage taste with a modern twist and infuses everything she does with individuality, fierceness and non-conformity, which shows in both her music and wardrobe, too.

The Nigerian-born singer, songwriter, producer and style aficionado made her debut in the Nigerian music industry in 2013, and immediately stole our hearts with her cute, memorable looks. Fast forward to 2014 and it is safe for us to say she has evolved to become a bit of a style icon in the making. Take a look and see if you agree;

At Sideview Magazine’s networking party in 2013, Temi’s avant garde blend of electronic funk, soul and Naija hip-hop caught our ears and all of our attention. The mixture of references manifested here with a cute 60s style shift in electric brights, chunky sandals, beret and a quirky record clutch.

She pushes beyond cliche to create a bold, witty, groundbreaking styles that is completely her own.
Seen in wide legged pants, sandals, a 70s print top and wide belt, Ms Dollface pushes beyond the cliche to create a bold, witty, groundbreaking style that is completely her own.

But as well as shooting for ’70s era bohemian wear, Temi’s wardrobe often embodies the soul, passion and drama of the ’50’s, too…

embodies the soul, passion and drama of the 1950’s
The star is seen here in a new music campaign shoot, wearing a sweetheart neckline and retro curls.

Seen out and about, Temi rocks metallic vintage-style pumps and a glamourous beaded cape jacket, going for more of a sophisticated look than a quirky one.

Perfoming at
When it’s performance time though, the quirks return, as proved here with Temi’s outlandishly large, bejewelled tutu and fun hat. Only this star can pull this off and make us want to make room for more orange in our wardrobe…

Performing for Halloween in 2013, Temi stepped out as an Egyptian, fusing gold and a structured silhouette to her outfit which we think looked chic enough for dinner and drinks, too!

And let’s not forget Temi’s love of hats – her collection of cute vintage hats is part of her style signature and what sets this female answer to the male-dominated Hip Hop industry apart.

On the red carpet, Temi is not often seen without a hat a-top her head…

So, do you now agree that Temi is a bit of a style icon? Share your thoughts for or against her wardrobe below, or on Twitter via @SPICETVAFRICA.


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