Saturday, June 10, 2023

Celebrating Black History Month

The theme for Black History Month in 2018 is “African Americans in Times of War” honoring those brave men and women who served their countries in the armed forces, especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice while defending the American ideals of freedom and democracy.

At war’s end, recognition of the African-American contribution to the war effort would eventually lay the groundwork for the civil rights protests of the 1950s and 1960s.


black african american heros


Although the major theme of the month is “African Americans in Times of War”, individuals have also found a way around celebrating African Americans and black people at large. From the celebration of black men all over the world with the #blackmensmiling that took over tweeter earlier in the month, to the premiere and celebration of the biggest and baddest all black superhero movie by Comic masters Marvel. Black Panther has been a huge success in all spheres.



black history month


The movie aside, the actors are being celebrated all across the globe for their individual roles in the movie. What’s more is that black people across the world have stood together to make this an even bigger success. Fans have stormed the cinemas in African prints to watch the movie en-mass.

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