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CFDA Launch New Book, ‘Designers on Instagram: #Fashion’

While we at SPICE are busy thinking about ‘Rejuvenation’ this month and anticipating the fresh looks we’ll see on the carpet at the CFDA awards on June 1st, the Council of Fashion Designers of America are celebrating the app that has shaken up the internet-loving world and the fashion world alike: Instagram, on which they’ve released a book.

At a launch party for the new tome, Designers on Instagram: #Fashion, which will contain its members’ best Instagrams, CFDA CEO Steven Kolb spoke of the book’s inspiration, saying;

“Designers are real people, and the lives that they live, which may seem afar, are no different than other people’s own lives. A 14-year-old girl and her friends who are taking selfies before they go to their prom is no different than Diane [von Furstenberg] taking a selfie before she goes to the Vanity Fair party, right?”


The CFDAs, which last year made Rihanna and her sheer dress its ‘Fashion Icon of the Year,’ and which will see Pharrell Williams take the award this year (read more on that here), will also honour the app with the ‘Media Award,’ with Mr Kolb explaining;

“Technology has changed fashion over the last 20 years. Remember when there was no streaming of shows? When it took months before a photo of a show or a collection appeared in a magazine?”

“You have to go with that and not fight what it is or see it as a negative, but see it as a positive in terms of what your work is about…


If you think about the genius moment during Paris fashion week when Anna [Wintour] was backstage at the Valentino fashion show with Owen [Wilson] and Ben [Stiller] as Zoolander – that was the way they announced the sequel of the film, in an environment backstage with a real fashion person. That’s powerful. You couldn’t do that any other way.”

The book will see fashion’s top designers immortalised into a book that is organised by category: #Inspiration, #BehindTheSeams, #Selfies, #Fashion, and #TBT, with the CFDA’s CEO explaining the point of said book is to show “the connectivity of lives” – lives both inside the industry and out.

A Kindle edition is available to buy now from £8.54, here – take a look and tell us what you think of Designers on Instagram: #Fashion in the comments box below or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @SPICETVAFRICA.


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