Sunday, April 2, 2023

Outfit Ideas

As much as you try to deny the fact that your usual closet outfits are not in sync with the festive period, you know deep down you need a quick switch in style, and outfit combination. Just in case you had no excuse to dress up all year, Christmas is a perfect excuse to feel cute and just love yourself all over again. One trick to slaying all through the remaining days of Christmas is knowing that too much is never too much, we are literally telling you to go all out, go hard or go home. Stick to all the dress codes below and watch your Christmas be the best yet.

Color blocking: Christmas is all about having fun and being with family. The weather is also a perfect excuse to dress up in fur and sweat pants. pair your favorite jeans with a colorful sweater

Shimmery dresses: For all the date nights, shows and parties you would be attending this festive season, get your self an eye catching dress, sequin dresses and skirts are a must have for the season.

 christmas outfit ideas

Glittery jewelry: jewelries add all the finishing touches to an amazing outfit, put on the wrong jewelries and you would totally off. the trick is to pair statement jewelries with minimalist outfits but like we said you either go hard or go home. Throw on a pair of diamond earrings, or any shimmery earrings with that mini length dress and watch your outfit go from a zero to a hundred

Thigh high boots: Yes! Yes! Yes! thigh high boots are super stylish and are currently all the fashion girls to go item. Get your self a pair of Jimmy Choo thigh boots or Laquan Smith’s black shimmery thigh boots. Thank us later


Red Lips: Red lips always win on Christmas, it is so feminine and gives you a classy feel.





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