Thursday, September 28, 2023

Christopher Kane Collaborates on Beauty Collection with NARS

Cult beauty fave NARS is about to have a makeover, with British designer Christopher Kane having been announced as the new collaborator, creating a makeup collection with the brand.

The talent, who is know for his rebellious style and highly-pigmented colour palettes, said in a statement about the collection;

“Nars has the same unapologetic aesthetic that is signature to the Christopher Kane brand and I’m excited to share what we’ve created together.”

And so is Team SPICE, with us all looking for ways to ‘Rejuvenate’ this month, and feeling like this new range will be key to shaking up our beauty regime.


The collection, which is said to include both complexion and colour products for eyes, lips and face, will launch in May, but in the meantime, we’ll be salivating over the sneak peek pictures of the products revealed online by Vogue Magazine.

Have a look at some of Christopher Kane’s NARS Cosmetics collection here below and tell us what you’ll be shopping in the comments box or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @SPICETVAFRICA.

The-Christopher-Kane-for-NARS-Collection-Mezmer-Lip-Gloss---jpeg The-Christopher-Kane-for-NARS-Collection-Nucleus-Lip-Gloss---jpeg The-Christopher-Kane-for-NARS-Collection-Outer-Limits-Single-Eyeshadow---jpeg The-Christopher-Kane-for-NARS-Collection-Parallel-Universe-Duo-Eyeshadow---jpeg The-Christopher-Kane-for-NARS-Collection-Starscape-Blush---jpeg The-Christopher-Kane-for-NARS-Collection-Glow-Pink-Lip-Gloss---jpeg The-Christopher-Kane-for-NARS-Collection-Nebulous-Lip-Gloss--jpeg The-Christopher-Kane-for-NARS-Collection-Violet-Atom-Illuminating-Multiple---jpeg The-Christopher-Kane-for-NARS-Collection-Quantum-Illuminating-Multiple---jpegThe-Christopher-Kane-for-NARS-Collection-Stylized-Product-Shot---jpeg2

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