Thursday, September 28, 2023

Creative Coincidence?

Beyond the labels is the dilemma of every Designer or Creative Director to create distinctive designs, otherwise we all would be Creative Directors. In recent times, the emergence of Fashion Designers has been at its peak with a thousand and one fashion houses opening up daily.
As a result, the issue of copy right or Creative Co incidence comes in. Fashion has always been the way of life, trends are created by some, followed by others and recreated by most.  To some, Fashion is just a repetition of ideas but making it look new. It is sad that a lot of designers are being dragged into the media for what is perceived as a Copyright, especially when it comes to African Designers,  it is just assumed that they imitate their foreign counterparts.

Do African Designers imitate their foreign counterpart to gain attention? What happens if it is the other way round.

In this recent picture by Makioba Official shows that truly indeed there’s a creative coincidence. There’s so much to fashion, the end point is creating wearable pieces. In a bid to create a design that stands out from the rest, you consciously or unconsciously imbibe existing trends.
We are totally against theft from designers but we will love to know your thoughts on designers having similar outfits with each other, are we being too hard on them? is it just an easy way out to creating a collection, or a coincidence indeed?
Thoughts on this? Comment in the section below.

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