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Creative Director Ian Audifferen Talks Tees by Tzar, Good Shoes & Collaborating with Orange Culture

Stylist turned label owner, Ian Audifferen is the mind behind the fashion scene’s favourite printed tees. As creative director at Tzar, the stylish guy with a thing for shoes is on his way to the top, with his tees already there on most of our fashion wish-lists.

Thankfully, the busy young creative had some time to spare for SPICE, so read on to find out what’s next from Tzar, who has his heart and what colour he tends to wear the most…




SPICE: Hello Mr Audifferen. How are you and how’s your week been?

Great thanks, though my week has been hectic.


We love your tees! How would you describe your role and your brand aesthetic?

I am creative director for my brand Tzar, which is characterised by resplendent prints inspired by art and nature.


What’s your daily grind like (in 3 words)?

In three words: work, eat, work.


Tzar is often described as an up and coming brand, but how long has Tzar been in existence?

Tzar is very up and coming. In about 2 months, we will be a year old. 


What do you think needs to happen before you can say ‘I’ve made it’ – and what does ‘making it’ mean to you?

Making it to me means international recognition, global brand establisment as well as mega increase in sales. 


You work in fashion but how into fashion are you – scale of 10?

…I’d say an 8!


How would you describe your personal style and what is signature to your look?

My personal style is very much about comfort and good shoes! My signature look is skinny jeans and a print shirt/tunic or a white shirt …I wear a lot of white.


In your opinion, the epitome of style is…?

Confidence and individuality.


Who’d you love to see in a Tzar shirt if contacts were limitless and time wasn’t a factor? 

Zebra Katz, Rihanna, Beyonce, Kanye West and Miroslava Duma.


Are there any brands/creatives in your field that have your attention atm?

In the future I definitely would love to collaborate with Orange Culture. My love for the brand is ineffable.


Who do you consider to be your competitors?

My competitors would be every other brand striving for excellence and trying to make a mark in the fashion industry.


You’re a designer but have worked in fashion in other capacities. How long have you been in the industry and which of your roles do you prefer?

Been in the industry for two years now. I worked as a fashion stylist, but right now Tzar has my heart and I’m a lot more focused on it.


How have your previous experiences in the industry informed/helped with your label?

Experience is definitely the best teacher. I’ve taken my mistakes as tutorials for a better me. And in my sojourn in the world of fashion so far, I have learnt every step of the way, from interning with designers to working at fashion week.


What is the biggest misconception about the life of a designer?

The biggest misconception about the life of a designer would be the notion that wealth comes as quick as lightening. The reality is that it’s a long process and with hard work, dedication and a relentless heart, you eventually reap the benefits.


What would you say has been the biggest influence on your work and where do you find inspiration for your designs?

My inspiration has been mostly from nature and art.


2014 for you and Tzar will be…?

2014  for Tzar is much more challenging but it will also be an amazing journey. I can feel it.


 Customers can purchase shirts by Tzar via…?

Direct orders by email, for now ( and at the luxury lifestyle store The Library in Abuja, located at the Silverbird Galleria. We are currently working on an e-commerce platform to be able to sell more merchandise.


Lastly, what is the most pressing item on your to-do list?

The most pressing item on my to-do list would be monitoring my tailors. It is always of the essence.


Image source: Tzar

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