Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Crocs Are Making A Huge Comeback And We Are Here For It

First it was Christopher Kane who decided to revamp what used to be a fashion nightmare into something purchase worthy by fashion lovers then came Balanciaga platform Crocs that debuted at the SS18 show in October 2017 which were sold out before the weird footwear hit stores.  Crocs were somewhat considered as a fashion abomination.


These foamy rubberish comfort foot wear is an American foot wear brand founded in 2002 by Scott Seamans, Lydon DukeHanson and George Boedecker, well this fashion don’t is about to take over the fashion scene. As much as people consider this footwear a NO NO and a terrible choice for an outfit, you can not deny that these weird fashion piece is actually super comfortable and could add a Norm core vibe to your everyday style.


Who doesn’t love a shoe that could be worn to the beach, brunch, mountain climbing and almost everything. Crocs seems to be making a comeback and they are doing that in a bis, a recent report conducted by eBay discovered that there were 25,000 searches for Crocs on the shopping site in April alone, in that same month, almost 15,000 Crocs were sold on their site, this equates to approximately 20 pairs an hour.

crocs os making a huge comeback according to ebay reports

We owe this resurgence of Crocs to high end designers like Balanciaga and Christopher cane, Kanye West has somehow contributed to the rise of the fashion item. Asides from the knockoffs, it is safe to say that more designers might hop on the trend and believe me when i saw they would all be sold out in hours, Balanciaga is a prove of this prediction.

Just in case you find yourself on the fence, debating on how important these pair of shoes are to your closet, remember that comfort is always key, so cop your self a pair of Crocs.

By Utibe Ayi



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