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#CurvesdayThursday: New Year Resolutions from Top Curvy Models like Philomena Kwao & Amber Tolliver Plus New Big Brands to Watch

It’s Happy New Year from us at SPICE, with the team joining the world in thinking all things ‘new’ and ‘fresh.’ Hence, this week’s #CurvesdayThursday is all about new brands to watch and new things to add to your wardrobe, plus the New Year resolutions from some of the industry’s top models, including Philomena Kwao, Amber Tolliver and Brittnee Blair…

Best Big Brand: Torrid

As we at SPICE join the world in thinking about ‘fresh starts,’ we’re looking to all things new in the world of curves – from new brands and the ones to watch in 2015, to the fashion inspiration to start the year right in style, we have you covered.  And, with this in mind, our first Best Big Brand of the New Year comes from US plus size retailer, Torrid.

A key player in the curvy market and with Philomena Kwao signed as their brand ambassador, Torrid’s collection of trendy clothing is inspired by and designed to fit young, stylish females with a womanly shape.

We especially love their new Minnie Mouse-themed range for 2015 – a sure way to out some fun into your January nights! The limited edition red “Disney” dress is our favourite for daytime dressing, but the 101 Dalmatians-inspired wraparound skirt should be a 2015 staple piece for sure.

See some of the collection below and shop the range at Torrid, here.


Curvy News: Top Curvy Models Share their New Year Resolutions with Vogue Italia

As with every New Year that rolls by, Team SPICE has been thinking about new goals to achieve in 2015 and ways to improve and better ourselves – from fashion and style to beyond. Sharing the sentiment, Vogue Italia has put question of said resolutions some of our favourite plus size models, and trust us, their plans for change are pretty inspiring!

From taking their careers to the next level to exploring the world, being more self-disciplined and helping others more, these ladies definitely have some great ways of making 2015 a year to remember. Read models Brittnee Blair, Philomena Kwao, Amber Tolliver, Sabina Karlsson, Marquita Pring and Myla Dalbesio’s New Year resolutions below;


Brittnee Blair

1. My first resolution is to become more active in the volunteering community within [New York City]. I’ve always had a passion for volunteering and helping others in need. It truly makes me happy and I feel I need to do more!

2. My second resolution is to travel and see more of the world, whether it be for work or personal [reasons]. I have a huge travel bug and I would love to make a huge dent in my list of places to see in 2015. I’d like to start with Europe!

3. My third resolution is to cook more! With such a fast paced life between traveling, castings, jobs, and dinners out with the girls I definitely don’t cook enough hearty home cooked meals. In 2015, I would like to make more of an effort to not only cook at home more, but also try to challenge myself with different techniques and cuisines.

Sabina Karlsson

1. Be more creative. I want to open new doors and be more open minded towards new things that approaches me, as fields outside of my comfort zone.

2. Stay in the present. It’s easy to get trapped with old memories and what use to be your present. I want to let go of some things, move on and stay in the present as much as I can.

3. Love myself more! Be more comfortable in my own skin and embrace my body and soul. Try to let go of negative thoughts, and be more aware of the way I talk to myself.


Philomena Kwao

1. Be more aware of my health. I would like to work out more and be more aware of what I’m putting into my body.

2. Take more pictures. I travel to so many beautiful places and I never stop and take pictures, so all I have are mental memories. I want to start a photo/video journal, [which] I started by buying a proper camera!

3. Make more time to travel outside of work. There is so much of the world to see and I feel I have barely tapped into it!


Marquita Pring

1. I hope to get scuba certified this year. I’m terrified of the sea world but desperately dream of exploring it! I’m excited to challenge myself and conquer one of my greatest fears.

2. This upcoming year I’d like to practice more self-discipline. I rarely tell myself no and often flake out on projects I start. This year, if I start something I will finish it, and if I don’t need it I won’t buy it!

3. Another resolution for me is to challenge myself more, it’s so easy to get caught up in daily life and career. I plan on taking more adventures, more classes, and surrounding myself with people who add to my life and whose lives I can also add to. 2015 is going to be a very productive year for me!


Amber Tolliver

1. Follow through with projects and ideas and not let fear distract me or steer me off course.

2. Let go of past grudges. Life is too short.

3. Make my self a priority, physically and emotionally.


Myla Dalbesio

1. More surfing, hiking, camping, fishing, exploring, grass stains, sandy shoes, and sunny skin. But no bug bites. No bug bites ever.

2. More collaborations with artists and friends. More time in the studio. More time behind the camera. Finish the stack of half-done paintings sitting in the corner. Continue writing, every day.

3. Give love. Receive love. Stop rolling my eyes at inexperienced travelers in airport security lines and inconsiderate middle seat passengers. Learn how to sleep on airplanes. But mostly concentrate on the love thing.

Curvy Pick of the Week: Closet’s Tribal Print dress

Designed and made in London, our first Curvy Pick of the Week this year comes from Closet, in the form of this gorgeous tribal dress.

With a flattering tie-back to give a defined waistline and structured cap sleeves to enhance the hourglass silhouette, it is an ideal dress for the office or the evening –  and its colourful print will make sure you don’t fall into the January blues.

You can purchase your here for £48.


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