Thursday, March 30, 2023

Denrele Edun is channeling Different Personas For his Birthday Shoot

Denrele Edun is known for many things, among most is his love for quirky fashion and fluid dressing. The Media Personality turns 35 today, in celebration of his new age, the crazy witty funny Denrele channels different personalities in his birthday shoot.

From channeling Jack Sparrow character to a perfect angel adorned in white. He has a painint on his bare body showing the streets of Lagos Nigeria. Take a look

33619863_1859981870969036_1639133612357976064_n 33728604_1945243062213290_6294311259898642432_n 34033772_626752354359095_2173057738706255872_n 34074030_211877996290430_5667896614853804032_n 34184483_469988493439498_6604239136519880704_n 34311464_186846478818815_1142108692510932992_n 34447565_175648893125899_2690490260084752384_n 34864748_286832698525409_3777082789443141632_n 35155809_2126253000952794_8303272939768250368_n denrele birthday shoot

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