Saturday, March 25, 2023

Deola Sagoe’s Fashion Film Is Changing The Norm In African Fashion Scene

The beauty of an outfit lies in the charisma of the person embodying it, for Deola Sagoe, she has found the people who bring life to her creations. Fashion films have long been in existence, the fashion film was mainly  to speak words to the audience, something a photo might not do. The designer pours out her creativity not only in the iconic pieces but from the mood of the film.

Deola Sagoe fashion film has not only told a story about her clothes but she has shown us the characters of women who wear her pieces. It’s more than the design, it’s the inward feeling you derive from being a bride adorned in Komole, it’s the smile that appears on your face, it’s the fierce posture you take all because you know that the Deola Sagoe Komole is more than an Iro & Buba.

It’s  a movement of fashion conscious people who derive pleasure investing in timeless creations, it’s an awakening of the mind that a person is truly what they wear. Marc Jacobs knew exactly what he meant when he said  “Clothes mean nothing except someone lives in it”, the Deola bride is definitely living in hers.

Deola Sagoe took an ancient creation and envisioned herself in it, she breathed in it as though she was a fashion god. After giving us a regal gift to the world in the ‘Komole;, the brands creative director introduces its ‘Teintes de Bijoux‘. This is the latest expression of the Komole range a selection of designs for bridal and occasion wear. The range draws upon the mood and myths evoked through the ages by royalty, African royalty.

Generously well tailored rich hues of the Teintes de Bijoux 2018 Collection, adopting laser cut techniques, re-imagining Nigeria’s top drawer traditional woven cloth, ‘Aso-Oke’, with the House of Deola’s distinct motifs. Woven from tonal yarns to mimic jewel hues, these masterpieces are discreet yet replete with grace, speaking to ethereal grandeur. The royal collection features custom made elegantly crafted motif, with colors ranging from Smint, Rude Amber, Blushed Bronze, Cosmic Copper and Dangerous Ruby, the entire collection is all there is yet to the ‘Asooke’ Iro & Buba.


Written by, Utibe Ayi


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