Monday, October 2, 2023

Design Inspirations: Make Your Home Look Like a Luxury Hotel

Want to have a home that will make you feel like staying in a five-star hotel? Learn from some of our recommendations in the rest of this post. Whether it is adding Badeloft’s freestanding bathtubs, upgrading your entertainment system, or upgrading the countertop, these tips are effective in making a more luxurious house.

For the Bathroom

One of the first places that require attention is the bathroom. To make it look like the bathroom in luxury hotels, it should be spacious and free of clutter. Proper lighting is also essential to make it look bigger and to set the mood. Consider adding freestanding sinks or a bathtub from Stay away from the traditional shower. Instead, install jet showers for a more relaxing experience. Choose tiles with warm or neutral colors to make the bathroom more calming. You might even want to invest in radiant heating systems for the floor.

For the Bedroom

To design your bedroom like a first-class hotel, start by choosing the right bed. It is the best investment to have in the bathroom. Aside from comfort, make sure that it is comfortable. Purchase a mattress that makes you feel like sleeping on the clouds! Use pillows that are equally luxurious. Cover the bed with triple sheeting to make it look fancy. Drapery or window treatments will also be great to have. If possible, put black-out curtains if you want to block outside light. To be eco-friendly, on the other hand, open the window to take advantage of natural lighting and air.

For the Living Room

For a gorgeous and contemporary living room that feels like you are in a five-star suite, space is one of the most important considerations. It should be designed in such a way you can move around with ease. Set-up a high-tech entertainment system, complete with sound bars for a more immersive experience. Choose a center table and side lamps as centerpieces. You can even install a chandelier to serve as a focal piece. Make the living room smart and automated, such as through installing motion-activated lights and automatic heating and cooling systems.

For the Kitchen

To design a luxurious kitchen, start with an open floor plan, which makes it easy to move around when you are cooking. Whether it is for the backsplash, countertop, or floor, choose high-end materials like granite. For the cabinets, pick expensive woods like ebony and cherry. Invest in premium kitchen appliances. Whether it is a microwave, refrigerator, or oven, among others, choose those that combine both form and function. Double-door refrigerators look more luxurious compared to those with only a single door. For the taps, choose gold and copper if you want the kitchen to exude elegance.

If you have always dreamt of a home that looks like a five-star hotel, take note of our suggestions above. Do not skimp if you want your space to look and feel elegant!

by Ameh Ujah

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