Monday, October 2, 2023

Designer Lisa Folawiyo’s Instagram is Featured on Man Repeller

Top blog, Man Repeller by Leandra Medine, has just cottoned on to our most beloved fashion feed, and featured our dear best-dresser, designer Lisa Folawiyo’s Instagram account, in an article titled Follow That Gram. 

The amazing, kooky-dresser that is the Man Repeller (aka, Leandra Medine)
The amazing, kookily-styled Man Repeller (aka, Leandra Medine)

Ms Medine shows off several of Ms Folawiyo’s recent looks and details exactly why we love (to stalk) her, writing a series of revelations she seems to have been struck by, following a quick perusal of Lisa’s Gram, saying;

“I have spent the last 48 hours manically searching the internet up and down for a pair of glitter Miu Miu Mary Janes from Fall, which I saw on sale in spades before the holidays but like an idiot did not register under Things I Need Especially If They’re On Sale…


…I never really thought about how great an ankle-legnth shirt dress could look worn entirely open with just a bikini underneath it…


…I can totally be the kind of girl who wears a pencil or knee-legnth skirt and doesn’t look like she just graduated from Jewish seminary school. Can’t I? It just takes some open toe mules!”



While we at SPICE are super pleased that Lisa’s game-changing fashion feed is inspiring top bloggers and fellow fantastic dressers like Man Repeller‘s Leandra (whom we also follow, FYI), we can’t shake that weird clingy feeling, like scrolling through Lisa’s feed is our secret guilty pleasure… which is ridiculous because she could never keep a wardrobe that good a secret.

Lisa's feature on Man Repeller got us feeling like...
Lisa’s feature on Man Repeller got us feeling like…

Explaining exactly how we’ve felt about the designer’s Instagram account for a long time now, Ms Medine concludes her article with;

“…If a single Instagram account can elicit your feeling like you need something you never thought you needed nor would have deemed absolutely vital to the continuation of your lifespan… If a single Instagram account reminds you that life is a fucking circus and you’ve just got to learn how to juggle – and have fun doing it! – you should know that you’re in the follow for the long haul.”

Yep. This is exactly why we love Lisa Folawiyo’s Instagram account – and with Man Repeller spotlighting her feed (read the full thing here) we don’t doubt that the designer is about to get a whole lot more followers who’ll also be claiming her as their style muse.

Image source:, @Lisafolawioy,

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