Monday, December 4, 2023

Designer Loza Maléombho Shares Impressive Fan Art

Côte d’Ivoire-based designer, Loza Maléombho continues to wow us with her creations and her cool self portraits, tagged #AlienEdits – but now it’s her followers that are wowing us, with their impressive fan art of Ms Maléombho being shared via the hashtag #LMBYARTISTS.


The works are recreations of the talent’s self portraits, which see Loza rocking all sorts of headgear and, according to the creative, were started;

“On the day Darren Wilson was cleared of murder charges in the Michael Brown Shooting…

I did this with a mission to self validate, self define, self nurture and free from stereotypes all while celebrating culture diversity and culture similarities of Black people worldwide.


I believe it’s time we blur the lines between ourselves (Africans, American Africans, African Americans) and stick together as one. #blacklivesmatter

The fan art covers inkings, paintings, drawings and illustrations that are as impressive as the designer’s original and ongoing photography series.

Art by @or0ro

Art by @_emidawoo

Art by @leahdeluxe

Art by @micflaco

Art by @micflaco


Team SPICE will be looking out for new editions to both the #AlienEdits photoseres and the #LMBYARTISTS series via Loza Maléombho’s Instagram account here, and suggest those who enjoy striking portraiture do the same.

Image source: @Lozamaleombho

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