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Designer Nkwo Reveals Recession Stalled Afromania’s “Love Festival” Collection

Talented designer, Nkwo Onwuka took to Facebook this week, publishing the lookbook for Afromania‘s beautiful collection “Love Festival” – a range designed back in 2011 that seems to have been stalled from coming into production.

As stated by Nkwo on the Afromania Facebook page, the collection, which “was all about music and festivals” unfortunately “became a victim of the recession”, leaving plans to be developed alongside online giants Asos and sold through British department store House of Fraser, abandoned.

“Who knows…it just might be back in some form or another… WATCH THIS SPACE.”

“Love Festival” collection illustrations by Rebecca Lindsay-Addy – revealed on the Afromania Facebook page.

The mood board behind the 2011-designed collection, also published on Facebook.

“We lost 2 major accounts – (with whom we were to actually develop a collection) and House of Fraser ((who) loved the collection but several meetings down the line, decided that it might be a bit too experimental to launch at a time when the economy was so bad),” said Nkwo. “Despite the beautiful fabrics, feathers and fringing, it never really went into production save for a few samples…but who knows…it just might be back in some form or another… WATCH THIS SPACE.”

With the line looking utterly wearable, full of colour, creativity and remarkably on-trend for S/S’14, we at SPICE will for sure be watching out for its return. See the #fierce, fringed, feathered and printed pieces below;

Afromania-Love-Festival-Collection-BellaNaija-January2014002-400x600 Afromania-Love-Festival-Collection-BellaNaija-January2014005-400x600 Afromania-Love-Festival-Collection-BellaNaija-January2014004-400x600 Afromania-Love-Festival-Collection-BellaNaija-January2014014-400x600 Afromania-Love-Festival-Collection-BellaNaija-January2014012-400x600 Afromania-Love-Festival-Collection-BellaNaija-January2014011-400x600 Afromania-Love-Festival-Collection-BellaNaija-January2014013-400x600 Afromania-Love-Festival-Collection-BellaNaija-January2014010-400x600 Afromania-Love-Festival-Collection-BellaNaija-January2014001-400x600 Afromania-Love-Festival-Collection-BellaNaija-January2014003-400x600 Afromania-Love-Festival-Collection-BellaNaija-January2014006-400x600 Afromania-Love-Festival-Collection-BellaNaija-January2014007-400x600 Afromania-Love-Festival-Collection-BellaNaija-January2014009-400x600

Image source: Afromania


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