Sunday, October 1, 2023

Diamond Ark Bids Farewell To Indian Market|Moves To The African Fashion Market

The African fashion market seems to be evolving and its happening faster than we all anticipated, it has gained a lot of attention in the global space and it seems it just got started. John Uche Jesus, a Nigerian born  Indian fashion designer who is an alumnus of Jd institute of fashion technology, has announced the closure of India market operation and targets the emerging fashion markets in Nigeria and other parts of Africa.



In India, the brand was already quite popular, and gained a lot of recognition for unique quality clothing. John Uche who claims he loves India a lot but has a plan to make Diamond Ark a leading brand in Africa and  in India. He promised to Visit again in 2019. The brand which is renowned for its distinctive use of colors  and well tailored suits is about to give Nigerian Designers a run for their money.  Do you think this a great move by the designer and if it is what are his chances of survival?



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