Monday, May 29, 2023

Did Google Fire An Engineer For Fighting Against Racism And Sexism?

Tim chevalier, A former Google engineer is suing the Internet giant, claiming he was fired for pushing back against racism and sexism in the company’s internal employee forums.

“Human Resources explicitly told Chevalier that Google was ending his employment because of his political statements in opposition to the discrimination, harassment and white supremacy he saw being expressed on Google’s internal messaging systems,” the lawsuit alleges.


google fires engineer for defending racism and sexism
Google says its policies prohibit harmful stereotypes based on race or gender.
“An important part of our culture is lively debate. But like any workplace, that doesn’t mean anything goes,” said spokeswoman Gina Scigliano. “All employees acknowledge our code of conduct and other workplace policies.”


“The overwhelming majority of our employees communicate in a way that is consistent with our policies. But when an employee does not, it is something we must take seriously. We always make our decision without any regard to the employee’s political views,” she said.
Tim Chevalier was fired in November, three months after Damore’s firing. Chevalier, who is disabled, queer and transgender, said he used Google’s internal communication tools to routinely speak out against company policies he felt excluded women and minorities, and fellow Google employees he felt were bigoted.


Source:USA Today.

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